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For over 20 years Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. has provided quality parts and products to a variety of industries around the country and to some of the largest manufacturers. We have also provided parts and components to various distributors, dealers and consumers.



Our experience in the different fiberglass processes allows us to tackle almost any project regardless of size and quantity to ensure the best product comes out of our facility every time.


  • Wild Hare Racing®

    Wild Hare Racing® Club is a part of South Dakota State University® (SDSU®). The club is a student organization that designs, fabricates, tests, markets, and races a new mini formula style racecar every year from the ground up. Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. produces and donates various fiberglass components on an annual basis to help support the SDSU® Engineering Program.

  • Rugged Shield™

    Rugged Shield™ is a brand of Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. which produces and applies a fiberglass based floor coating to open, closed and stock trailer floors to ensure your trailers last and can endure the weather and uses of your everyday work and play.

  • 23 Years and Counting

    Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. has been providing exceptional service to many local and regional manufacturers from the day we opened our doors.

“Fiberglass Specialties has been a great sponsor of our team. we have had their company make fiberglass tools from our molds to lay up our composite parts for the formula car each year. They get everything back to us really fast and the high quality tool is great for our team to use for multiple years. We couldn’t have done our composite work without their sponsorship.”


Quote from SDSU® Wild Hare Racing®

Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. Logo







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